Why DSCo
The answer to that is simple:
  • Multiple locations
  • Daily, Weekly Backups
  • 24/7/365 Phone/email support
  • Many low cost hosting packages
  • Custom website design

A little bit of background
DSCo (Data Service Co.) was formed in 1996 in answer to an age old question:
"Why Does it cost so much to host a website and why won't anyone help me when I have a problem?"
The answer was simple
People that have the knowledge don't want to share it, unless you pay the price they think is right.
Well we don't agree with that, so we will help all our clients big and small.
In 2002 we added our second US based server farm and started offering VPS and Dedicated Servers
In 2006 we opened our location in Paris
and in 2010 we added Gernany, and Turkey
We now have 14 server locations Worldwide with inter-connection to all servers at all locations
Sip Phone Systems
Web Hosting
Any size server from a VPS for $3.50 a month to a Dedicated Server with 128Gigs of ram.
We offer both Do-It-Yourseft and Fully Configured Sip PBX systems.
Web hosting made easy with plans starting at just $1.00 per month.
Networking Private / Public
Don't Get Cought With Your Website Down!
We sell and install Point to Point networking systems and can handle any network job big and small,